Bed and Breakfast, Le Sourire du Lac d'Annecy


Wellcome to Le sourire du Lac d'Annecy!

Le Sourire du Lac d'Annecy is a project initiated by Daniela and Bruno. 

We are a happy couple who after making many trips around the world, decided to make one of our dreams, turning our home, into a home for all who want enjoy a pleasant visit to Annecy.

With our experiences and our travels, we learned as important is the friendliness of the host, so was born the name of our project. Le Sourire du Lac.


with just a little can brighten the day!  


For our guests we have 3 rooms with private bathrooms.

Sympathetic room names "Croissant", "Pain au chocolat" and "Brioche" refer to the 3 most characteristic French pastries, and concerning our breakfasts.

The house has been restored 8 years ago largely maintaining the look of the old structure.

It is located in a quiet area away from the main street, on the edge of the forest. Perfect to relax after the day's activities.







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